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Although super bowl still rules the advertising, but companies are diverting from the traditional advertisement which used to be aired on our television sets, radios, billboards towards Social Media; as a new medium for marketing. The traditional mediums are still in business but have got a competition in the hands of Social Media.

The conventional TV, Radio and Billboards

The conventional marketing forms are good, they are still working on humongous basis; we can’t even watch a news on television without an advertisement, neither a song on radio without any sponsor ship and yes our highways and autobahn are covered with the giant billboards. All these results in long lasting impact on our minds; that’s the reason why we recall Coca Cola or Pepsi whenever there's word soda or McDonald's with the word fast food (sometimes we also associate this with the words like obesity, unhealthy) or Tide whenever we hear detergents and Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Hortons and KFC and this list can go on and on. Its only a matter that one a word “air” our brain redirects from "the Air we breath" to "Nike’s Air Sneakers".


But.. these all strategies somehow goes in vain because we can’t conclude which advertisement on which location via which medium attracts the people the most? Do we still need that giant billboard with buns covering the blind spot at the highway to market Burger King or do people like when we place our ads in between the songs on radio and best of all do we really need to think of buying the new Audi, Mercedes, BMW when there was the first pitch of the baseball game (BMW, Lamborghini, Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz).

Why to think of such questions? because companies are paying millions and billions on yearly basis just to air a single 30 seconds of marketing campaign. For which they are not getting the actual numbers, not even the number of customers who actually were watching that commercial. There’s one more side of this story which has effected everyone and that’s an overdose of single Ad which is aired in every break again and again and again whether you are on HBO, National Geography, Discovery during a span of one single Movie, Documentary or show. Thus, these marketing budget that was paid; was only on the rough figures which the television or radio channels claims about their penetration among the general public, not the actual engagement count.

An era of Social Media Marketing

The first and the foremost thing which are achieved while marketing on social media are the data and the actual insights about the customer. These insights includes the actual head counts of not only who viewed the advertised content but also who was the user, what are his/her interests, how did he/she landed here, how did he/she engaged to the media, did the marketing strategy worked on him/her, did he/she went for a purchase or the user treats that ad as a window shopping; are some of the questions. These are all achieved with the power of data and thus with an intellectual insights one can decode and ace their customers.

Metrics like Favorite/Retweets on Twitter Profiles, Reactions/Comments/Shares on Facebook Pages, Views/Likes/Dislikes/Subscribers count on YouTube Channel are just a few metrics in the pool.

An era of Social Media Marketing

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“Impressions, views, reactions, media engagement, clicks are the meta data, available with each and every tweet, post, video you share on your Twitter Profile, Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.”

Such category of dedicated and targeted advertisement are usually found with the label of Promoted or Sponsored on social Media; based on the user interest and appreciations to which user engages. Thus, making it more robust, targeted and success for the campaigns in exchange of lesser budgets.

This doesn’t limits here but show a huge potential for young entrepreneurial efforts, startups and medium sized companies to market efficiently and effectively with limited or no budget.

One can achieve relevant insights of marketing on social media via The Visualized version of Twitter Profile, Facebook Pages and YouTube Channel. That is; TheVisualized!

The Visualized version of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

TheVisualized helps you gain insights in a single glance via the visually available chart of Twitter Profiles, Facebook Pages and YouTube Channels. The peaks on likes, retweets and views are different metrics available on such media showing the user engagement and the penetration of marketing to the user. A simple use case is attached; I have chosen Medium’s presence on Social Media as this is the platform with which I am promoting my web app which is “The Visualized version of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube”.

Medium, The Visualized Twitter Profile

Medium, The Visualized Twitter Profile

Medium, The Visualized Facebook Page

Medium, The Visualized Facebook Page

Medium, The Visualized YouTube Channel

Medium, The Visualized YouTube Channel

Go ahead enjoy and explore more about your own Twitter Profile, or your favorite Facebook Page or your subscribed YouTube Channel visually! Giving you the insight in just a single blink of most liked, shared, viewed, subscribed content on Social Media.

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