Visualizing Twitter tweets, Facebook posts and YouTube videos.
Presenting social media in a visual manner via Social Media Search: Strings, #Hashtags, Twitter @User Handles, Facebook Page Name/Id and YouTube Channels Name/Ids. TheVisualized provides an insight of Country-wide trending topics from Twitter and Videos from YouTube; helping the viewers to follow the trend by visually plotting the available Data Metrics. The most viewed, most liked, most disliked, most commented, most retweeted and most shared social media content including attachments, pictures and other media files are some of the insights with the concept of Visual Analytics along with the exploration what's Trending Worldwide.

TheVisualized is so far a free service that helps user enjoy Social Media in a visual way of 2D Charts. We plot the Textual version of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as a Chart; thus making it easier for users to identify patterns on the Social Media Timelines. TheVisualized not only let users to have a visual insights of their own Twitter Profiles, Facebook Page and YouTube Channel but instead an End-User can explore to every single Profile / Page / Channel which is publicly available over the platform of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are visualized to have a detailed insight of not only a particular tweet, post or video but as an entire Timeline of Twitter Profile, Facebook Page and YouTube Channels targeting the Data Metrics such as; favorites, retweets, views, comments and share counts. End-Users can interact with every available Chart / Graph, they can download / export it and can share with others.

Data Visualization is all about conveying an Idea in a an efficient way. It's often said that 'a picture worth thousand words' and we believe data visualization works the same way. Now a days, Data Visualizations are usually used by Data Scientist to explore patterns in the data to ultimately convey the resulting trends. Edward Tufte's classic Book 'The Visual Display of Quantative Information' is a core what many people think of what data visualization is all about; How best to represent visually some underline data using things like Color, Size, Shape or Graphs and Charts to convey the insight to their audience, resulting in story telling. Thus, The Visualized is platform that gives the control to a general public to act as a Data Scientist!

Indie Developer running it, marketing it and supporting it.
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As of now the services of The Visualized are free and a few features are still in Beta. The Visualized is not a startup, it was initiated as a hobby project by young Developer working hard to make it happen. Working everyday for months on this project, not only software development but also marketing and maintaining and making it's unique presence to be notified on each Social Platform. All this without any external funding but solely with a grit.

Not to mention; I am really proud of my day job and that actually help me fund this project... keeping it live and updated for all these years. Thus, focusing mostly in the nights and weekend and those bonus public Holidays 😉

At this point you may think that it doesn't cost much a Web App like this? then there's a bubble to burst 🎈. Starting with a usual labor cost, a well versed full stack developer would at least get paid $120,000+ per year, then there are server costs bearing the load of roughly 250,000 monthly users and their sessions, bandwidth and maintainence, hosting, CDN, domain renewal (increasing expenentially for every passing year), emails notifiers (involving subscriptions) and also an expectation of paying for Twitter API (hopefully not very soon, but at some point in time in future).

Moreover, the technical stack doesn't limit here; additional security services, social media bots, serverless functions, performance management, periodic backups, licensing and more and more services accumulating to a large stack of Payments. After all this if you add for a role of Markteing and spreading the words that itself is one of the best paying Job. Even after all that payments and subscriptions, I do pay taxes... thus earnings--; thats a programming decrement operator!

This last section is a story of every Indie Developers and is not a complain but a story to share in what we got into... an effort from the Heart. Soooo, go ahead and appreciate our presence on Social Media specially a quick click on YouTube Channel's Subscribe Button 😉 or Buying me a Coffee ☕️ or let me know if you would like to advertise to the 250,000 montly audience. Please contact me by email contact@thevisualized.com 💌.

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The answer to these Questions! The Visualized

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