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Select a Country on the Map to explore what's Trending.

Explore what's trending in any country around the globe. Just by selecting a country from this Map one can explore all the currently trending #Hashtags on Twitter and all the trending Videos on YouTube.

TheVisualized aims to make Social Media more visually available. Thus, pie charts and bar charts are based on such Metrics that shows the count in Real-time. Giving you an edge to explore what's happening all around the World.

  • Trending #Hashtags sorted on the Tweets count.
  • Trending YouTube videos based on their Views count.


Aim is to make Social Media more visually available!

Worldwide Trends

Find out what's trending around the World. Twitter's Hashtags and YouTube's Videos can be explored on Country level localization.

Social Media Search

Make search to all the publicly available content on Twitter and YouTube. A visual insight based on the metrics of Trending contents.

Visualize Twitter Profile

Search your favorite Twitter Profiles and follow the patterns of their Tweets using Line Charts and Word Cloud on the basis of Twitter Metrics.

The Visualized Social Media - Analytics

The Visualized version of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
Visualizing Twitter Tweets, Facebook Posts and YouTube Videos

TheVisualized is with an Idea to make Social Media more visually available, thus helping its user to find and follow trends efficiently and effectively.

TheVisualized currently converts the textual version of Twitter Profile, Facebook Pages and YouTube Channel into the visualized version by plotting the data as a 2D Graph/Chart showing the trend with peaks and lows on the basis of Favorites/Retweets for Twitter, Reactions/Comments/Shares for Facebook and Views/Likes/Dislikes for YouTube.

Moreover, user can export all the visuals available on our platform and can share with their friends.

Line Charts

All the social media metrics (views, likes, dislikes, comments, shares) are presented as a 2D Line Charts. Peaks and bottoms helping the users analytically to what they are looking for.

Pie / Bar Charts

Each pie on a Pie Chart represents a number of Tweets currently trending on Twitter. Similarly, bar of every Bar Chart represents the view count of a Video trending on YouTube.

Word Clouds

The #Hashtags used by Users, Profiles, Pages and Channel on Social Media are shown as a Word Cloud. Thus, each Hashtags is sized according to the ratio they have been used on Timeline.

Heat Map

The time user is usually active on Twitter. A heat map showing the time of the week when a user has actively Tweeted on Twitter. It shows the intensity of Tweet at any point of time during the with a darker profile color.

Polar Radar

A radar that shows user's interest and his way of communicating over Twitter. It shows the count of Tweets with Media like Photos, Videos and Gifs. It also compares number of times user has replied to a Tweet or have ReTweeted other Tweets.

Export Charts

Export / Download all the available Charts on The Visualized version of Social Media are Downloadable. Share with your friends or post on Social Media with a Credit to Us.

Download Media

Photos, Gifs, Animations and Videos can be downloaded with a single click on a deciated button next to each publicly available Twitter Tweet.


Countries of Trends


Visual Searches / Month


YouTube Channels Visualized / Month


Twitter Profiles Visualized / Month

The Visualized Twitter Profile of Instagram

Twitter Profile

Visualize Twitter Profiles as a Line Chart to explore Favorites and ReTweets Count of each Tweet. It helps you find out which was the most appreciated Tweet of your beloved Twitter User. Furthermore with the WordCloud, users can explore the used Hashtags and their counts based on the presence on Twitter Timeline along with the Tagged Profiles in the Tweets. Followers, Following and Tweets count are some more Metrics available along with several others on the Social Media Platform.

Comparison of Twitter Timelines can be done for upto five users / profiles on the basis of the favorite and retweet counts of their publicly available Tweets. Moreover, their followers count, total tweets count and count of their following accounts are also compared in a visual format as a Pie Chart.

Worldwide YouTube Trending Videos, Visualized

YouTube Trending Videos

In this World of Vlogs and Subscription; TheVisualized provides a platform with which users can view what's trending in their Country and all the countries to which YouTube is Localized. TheVisualized provides a textual and visual search for your convenience in order find which videos are currently trending around the World.

Visualized YouTube Trends
Worldwide Twitter Trending Hashtags, Visualized

Twitter Trending Hashtags

Country wise trends and most popular hashtags that are currently available can be viewed just with a single click over the Map. These available trends and hashtag will redirect to their detailed Social Media Search pages with the matching Twitter Tweets and YouTube Videos.

There Social Media Trends of more then 60 Coutries are sorted on the basis of available Tweets Count. These available visual can be downloaded and shared on any platform of your choice.

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